Aerodynamic separators

Every experienced farmer knows, that the good seed – guarantee of high yield and profit growth. "Agrosepmaš Zaporizhzhya", like no other, knows, as it is important to carefully consider the question of choosing a seed resource and is ready to share its experience with every willing.

Certainly, in properly running agricultural enterprise, all functions for processing and care of sowing material has long been automated. But it's worth noting, When you replace a whole chain of machines on one, that quite successfully cope with those jobs, who together performed the outdated units, You can significantly reduce the cost of electricity.

So, buying our aerodynamic separators for the cleaning of grain, that produce the same operations, but consume far less power, than a cleaning set, You can take advantage of a material resource for more important business needs. Also, one of the decisive factors, which, We hope, encourage you to buy aerodynamic separator CAD, become his high specifications, that when high performance allow minimize the percentage of damaged seeds during cleaning and calibration. Another positive feature of separator CAD, In addition to its moderate prices, There are the, they are fairly simple to use and does not require the use of special skills. And yet you need versatility aerodynamic grain separator, that allows you to handle different cultures: from cereals and legumes to oil and seeds of medicinal plants.

We are convinced, that our products will become a reliable guardian of quality seed germination.

Principle of operation of ISM separator

The operation of separator is to change the trajectory of free fall grain by the air stream, created by impeller, and further distribution of grain into fractions depending on weight, size and shape. Grain fed into the hopper, distributed over its width under its own weight and flows into a separating chamber. Here the particles are separated and divided into fractions using adjustable flaps. Each faction can be configured according to individual needs of the user.

Model Primary cleaning, t/h Calibration, t/h Power consumption, kW Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Mass, kg
ISM-5 5 2,5 0,55 1550 450 1800 150
ISM-10 10 5 1,5 2300 650 2370 360
ISM-15 15 7,5 2,2 2300 650 2370 380
ISM-20 20 10 3 2300 1150 2370 550
ISM-30 30 15 4,4 2300 1150 2370 560
ISM-40 40 20 6 2300 1350 2370 610
ISM-50 50 25 8 2300 1350 2370 630
ISM-100 100 50 11 3700 2100 3700 1950


What cultures possible to process on ISM?

The IMS separator can handle any crop seeds: grain, legumes, mixed foraging, oilseeds, technical, vegetable, medicinal, etc.. A wide range of settings allows you to adjust to any raw materials.

Why ISM is recommend to use for seed selection?

As already mentioned, grain separators ISM separate grain by weight. This means, that by using them, you can choose the heaviest seeds, that would have high egermination energy and germination capacity. All affected and traumatized grain moving away in commodity or fodder faction

What is included in the package of ISM separator ?

The standard package includes ISM grain separator separator itself, control panel and user manual. In addition to the separator, you can order a set of wheels, cyclone and dust fan. Transport equipment is not included.

Is it possible to install ISM at the grain cleaning complex??

All models, except IMS-5, easy to install at the complex, silo or grain processing line. For the work of separator you need to supply it's feeding and discharging , provide exhaust air cleaning. IMS-5 model designed specifically for indoor use.