Aspiration systems

Using aerodynamic separator, be sure to clean it of the exhaust air, so it contains large amounts of dust and light impurities.

The most common variations of air purification after separators are connected or connect camera the sediment with cyclone dust fan.

Sedimentary camera are mainly used when installing machines to Venues. It is easy to manufacture, has low material consumption and can easily be manufactured in-house customer. Respectively, and the cost of its goes low.


The disadvantages of sedimentary cameras are plus sizes (not every Assured there is enough free space), and the poor quality of air purification. As a matter of fact, camera only precipitates light trash, and the dust comes out of it along with air. Therefore,, exit the camera the sediment must be located outside the room.

The second variant of exhaust air purification is to connect to the cyclone separator with dust fan. In this case, you can achieve a higher quality of cleaning, all depends on the model cyclone. Cyclone is selected upon two parameters:

  • performance by air, m3/h;
  • particle size, to be upset.


Cyclone performance you must glean from the calculation:

Model of separator performance of Cyclone, m3/h
IMS-5 Not less than 3000
IMS-10 Not less than 7000
IMS-15 Not less than 8000
IMS-20 Not less than 15000
IMS-30 Not less than 16000
IMS-40 Not less than 20000
IMS-50 Not less than 21000
IMS-100 Not less than 30000


Dust blower is chosen based on the performance of Cyclone. We recommend to choose the fan from series EC 14-46. Most suitable for air purification of grain dust are cyclones and СOL type BCŠ.

Connecting to the cyclone separator must be open. Between the release of air from the separator and cyclone air input must be a period of not less than 500 mm. This connection enables the cyclone, at the same time reducing the revolutions of the impeller, take the missing ambient air.

The disadvantages are the high cost of Cyclone, to install dust fan, a large consumption of electricity.

If it is not possible to establish a system of aspiration for separator, You should at least withdraw the exhaust air from the separator using the duct outside the working premise.

An essential condition for such connection-greater cross section of the duct on the outlet, than at the inlet. It is necessary to exclude air pressurization, due to the resistance of air duct, and the emergence of excess pressure inside the Chamber separating machines. Maximum duct length should not exceed 5000 mm.