Drum skal′peratory

It is well known, that attitude towards technology extends its exploitation, especially true this statement to expensive technology, installed on huge industrial enterprises or agrokompleksah, that one work shift time to rework the giant amounts of raw materials. Our offer in the field of drum cleaning grain to address such problems, and can also significantly improve qualitative indicators develop, with reasonable price.

What do expect applicants, entering a query «buy grain cleaning equipment?

Most likely, they wish to find the device, that and its price (coma) and technical characteristics suited to address specific practical tasks, and also help avoid unnecessary costs. In the agricultural sphere is not the last role in grain cleaning operations play a drum skal′peratory, to be attributed: Prevention of clogging of the air and other machines, low price, the ability to remove debris, that can damage the purification devices. And another undeniable quality, you can call the, that he is able to speed up the cleaning of grain, Thus, increasing productivity process.

You Have, certainly, you will be able to assess the merits of mass skal′peratora for grain, because, that only here you can get the service and best prices, which rely.

With us you will have the opportunity to test your sorting grain at a bargain price and today receive the results, that still today you only hoped to buy our skal′peratory.

Only with us you get a fair price on grain sorting. Contact, and find out for yourself!

The principle of operation of skal′peratora BSC

The grain goes through the feeder and enters the drum moving. The drum rotates and grain is sifted through holes in rešetah. Impurities, larger than the size of the holes in the rešetah, move to the edge of the drum and go it to a separate faction.

Model Predvaritel′naâ purification, t/h Drum diameter, mm Number of sections of the drum Power consumption, kW Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm
BIA-30 30 630 2 1,1 3260 1475 3340
BIA-80 80 900 2 1,5 4070 1475 3340
BIA-200 200 1270 2 4 3580 1692 3605


What culture you can handle at RBS?

On cereals skal′peratorah BSK can handle absolutely any crops. For each culture that establishes the set of sieves and punching selected aspiration settings (If you selected the aspirator). Depending on the culture will change performance machine. Preparing the machine performance rated RBS indicated when working with wheat specific weight 760 kg/m3.

Why the need for aspirator?

The presence of aspirator allows to select light impurities and dust from the grain before it reaches the drum machines. Reduction of small and light impurities in grain results in improved performance of sieves. In addition, not all garbage impurity it is possible to separate the rešetah. For example, husk, you can pull out only the air flow.


What is included in the delivery Kit?

The complete set of delivery of grain skal′peratora BSK includes reel scalperator, Control Panel, one set of sieves and optional – aspirator with aspiration system (fan and cyclone with gateway gate).


What ensured the reliability of DCS?

Cereal skal′peratory BSK have durable chassis team, consisting of steel panels, covered with powder enamel. But the main advantage of separators BSK is direct drive drum. This type of drive unit reduces noise and vibration at work, eliminates torque loss during transit. In case of overload the drum, separator with direct drive just displays an error, and the usual – will burn the belt. And on such an operation as a replacement drive belt or a pulley holder knows no sleep nor, no spirit.