Барабанные сепараторы

Drum separators

If you want to buy high-performance drum separator, the quality and long-term operation of which you can be sure, don't hesitate in Company LLC NPK «Agrosepmash»». For more than three years we produce with modern CNC machines grain cleaning equipment, that has already proved itself in 14 different countries and on 4 continents.
Drum calibration of grain is widely used to improve the quality of planting material to reduce the infection rate by impurities of weeds and trash particles, as well as damaged and very small seeds of mainstream culture.
Having familiarized with the real Photo of winnowing equipment, as well as a description of their technical specifications, You can choose the model you want yourself or take the help of our specialist.
Trust us, and you will never regret about its decision buy grain-cleaning machines costs, intelligently combined with excellent quality. Look forward to seeing you!

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