About the company

The plan to establish the company "NPK” Agrosepmaš "originated back in 2008 year, When three aerodynamicists and zernoobrabotke combined their efforts and experience and have set up a team to accommodate projects. Less than two months as SPC LLC” Agrosepmaš became a registered company, ready to start development of equipment. In the same year was filed the first patent application.
Since then, the company has received three more patents of Ukraine and one patent of the Russian Federation for their inventions. Production began in 2012 year, When it was over, trade mark registration “Agrosepmash”, registration and certification of equipment on the territory of Ukraine, Customs and the European Union.

With only three years of activity was more 400 units of equipment, which now works in 14 different countries 4 continents. Our clients appreciate the quality and reliability of our equipment. It is these characteristics have always been and will be our priority. Qualified service handles client requests in a very compressed time frame. This is the recipe of our success.

We are not resting on our laurels. All products and production processes are continuously improved and modernized, What would reach European quality. The company introduced lean manufacturing principles. In conjunction with the upgrading of the Park production equipment that gives a significant increase in productivity, the accuracy and quality of the products.
The same equipment lineup expands. In 2014 year was put into production line of drum skal′peratorov drum separators. This is a simple and very efficient machines, who do not yet have gained popularity among Ukrainian agrarians. But we are confident, that the availability and quality of this technology will lead her to the leaders on the market of grain cleaning machines.

All of those achievements is worth a well-coordinated team of engineers, constructors, technologists, producers and of course managers. The employees of the company clearly knows its purpose and share its philosophy. The whole team, from storekeeper to the head, participates in the process to improve the quality and service.

Always on a pedestal for us people: our employees and our clients. All, What we do, aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation. Working under rule "treat others, How do you want to, to treat you!», We respect the work and time of each, and require the appropriate relations in response.


We produce a wide range of equipment, which successfully applied and in small farms and large grain elevators and the HSP. Individual approach and deep understanding of the specificity of work will accurately pick technique, which will solve all the existing problems of the customer, application-related, commodity grain cleaning and preparation of the inoculum.