Grain cleaning equipment

Agrosepmash company offers a variety of grain-cleaning machines, that can be used as on a small farm and at the elevator. Whatever the task in front of you : pre-cleaning, primary, secondary cleaning or calibration of seeds - we can offer equipment, that would solve it easily.



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    Grain separator IMS 2.0

  • 02

    IMS separator on Ve

    Calibration of wheat grain separator Assured IMS-20

  • 03

    Cleaning corn

  • 04

    Clearing mustard

  • 05

    Calibration of clay

  • 06

    Очистка проса

  • 07

    Очистка рапса

  • 08

    Очистка пшена

  • 09

    Очистка льна

  • 10

    Очистка кориандра


Post-harvest processing of grain

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Grain-cleaning installation

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Drum separators

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In our difficult times only the most strong and determined can survive and have a serious resistance to powerful industry East. The activities of the agricultural industry of our country has always brought a sense of pride and satisfaction. But now the situation has changed in another direction and the causes are many. One of these could be called technological stagnation in agricultural enterprises. We want to support our hard-working employees of the agricultural sphere, so offer to buy grain cleaning equipment of last generation, that will be a reliable support in this difficult matter. "Agrosepmaš Zaporizhzhya" became one of the few enterprises, whose activities directly focused on the problems of farmers in the country.
On our electronic pages you will find the necessary information, including informative photo of winnowing equipment, that can meet the needs of large and small agricultural enterprises. We help you buy grain cleaning equipment of the highest quality, contact!